Community School

This project is an initiative started some years ago in Cavungo, a rural town in the east of the country where previously there was no school.  The school has moved to a newly constructed building and there are now over 250 children split over five grades. The classes in sewing, cooking and bread making, which have been established as part of the school curriculum, continue to develop with extra sewing machines having been added.  As in all parts of the developing world that have been blighted by war, the basis of hope for the emerging generation is education.  

Slowly but surely this village school is maturing into a significant centre of education. The government pay for the teachers’ salaries, but all other outlays have to be found elsewhere. Since this school is in a rural area, it is difficult to find fully qualified teachers This school is the only educational facility in the area.

Angola is a country rich in natural resources and with good government and educated young people the prospects for the younger generation are bright. Educational opportunities are focused largely in the urban areas.

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