children at school

This school, which is constructed in a very poor district of Lubumbashi, came into being on the initiative of Dr Rachel Newby who is a mission worker in D R Congo. 

Due to the level of poverty in the community, the children’s families are unable to contribute financially to their schooling costs. In a government school in D R Congo half of the teachers’ costs are paid by contributions by the children and the capacity to do this determines whether a child is allowed into the school. This is a government registered school and receives some public funding. Shared Hope provide the balance of the funding to pay for teachers’ salaries, books etc. Porridge is provided three times a week and the school is now engaged in growing crops to minimise the cost of the feeding programme. 

There are 350 children in the school who are taught by seven teachers with half the children coming in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. It is unlikely that these children would have the opportunity   of   education   if   this school was not there. It is to the credit of the teachers that they work for whatever salary finance provides and they show a real commitment to the wellbeing of these poor children. 

This is an area that has experienced significant civil unrest over the years and there continues to be tensions in this part of the country. In such an unsettled environment enabling children to have an education is doubly important.

children at school
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