training centre in Cairo

This vocational training centre has been developing since 1997 when International Needs Network was formed. The training centre, which is recognised by the government, although not supported by it in any way, provides training in hair dressing, mobile phone maintenance, English language and computer studies. The goal is to train at least 200 people each year. The outcome of the training programme has been positive with an estimated 40% of those who have gone through the different types of courses finding employment.

Although this is a relatively new project, it has matured quickly and there is a real demand for training in the courses offered since there are job opportunities in these areas.

The project leader and his wife are confident that they can exceed the target numbers to be trained if there are financial resources available to run the courses. There is a Board of Directors of seven people. The Board meets at least four times a year. The commitment of the leadership team is beyond question since they have been working with this community in different ways since 1988.

training centre in Cairo
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