school children and teachers in India

This school in Raipur with around 50 children was established twelve years ago and like the school in Jakhan is situated in a slum area. As with Jakhan, through contact with the school, the mind-set of the parents towards in the value of education is being steadily changed. The children at the school are provided with a meal at lunchtime each day. They come from a very poor background and the meal is not only an essential part of their physical well-being but is a real motivational factor in encouraging regular attendance. The team who run this school have a real heart for the needs of those around them. North India is far less economically advanced than the south.  Although India is a fast-developing global economic power, many of the poorest people in the world live there.

For the last quarter of a century the team have given themselves to serving the needs of the people among whom they live.

school children in India
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