children at school, North India

This school is in Jagadhri, a town which is several hours’ car drive west of Dehradun with a population of one million. This school caters for around 80 gypsy children and migrant labourers and is run in a less than ideal facility. The nature of the background of the students brings unique challenges to the education programme but, despite this, significant progress is made in the education of children who would otherwise have no opportunity to learn. As with the other two schools, there was a requirement of a change of mind-set in the parents. This has indeed happened, and the school is now very highly regarded among the predominantly gypsy community whose children attend. 

The team who run this school have a real heart for the needs of those around them. North India is far less economically advanced than the south.  Although India is a fast-developing global economic power, many of the poorest people in the world live there.

For the last quarter of a century the team have given themselves to serving the needs of the people among whom they live.

children at school, North India
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