children at school in Kenya

This school was established some years ago to provide education for the children in the local community since there were no alternative school facilities in the area. The buildings that housed the school are very basic even by rural African standards. The school has no financial support beyond what the children’s parents can afford. Despite this, there are 277 children in the school and the 13 teachers, who work voluntarily for the good of the community, are very effective in what they do as the school is academically rated number one in their area. There are two pre-school classes and six primary classes up to Grade 6. Dickens, who is 33 years of age and the head teacher, is a dynamic and charismatic leader who, like the other teachers, is a volunteer.

Our support for the school will enable the staff to receive a salary for the first time.

This school is an example of what can be achieved in situations that seem impossible.

children at school in Kenya
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