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Fountain of Hope has been involved in the community of Mthombothemba since 2000. Their main mission is to combat the spread and reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans, vulnerable children, women and the community at large through the provision of orphan care services, HIV/AIDS workshops and community-based development projects. The project focuses on the education and provision of food for orphans and vulnerable children.

To this end the community have adopted the Foundations For Farming method of crop growing. The lack of rain significantly limited the effectiveness of their efforts but a recently drilled bore hole now provides adequate irrigation for the crops and will help to transform the food provision for the daily feeding programme for needy children.

The project runs psycho-social support camps for orphans and vulnerable children during the school holiday period as well as providing a free counselling service and life skills training.

The project leader was raised up in a very remote and poor community. His father died while he was still very young which eventually meant he had to stop going to school. However his friends from school helped him to study from home by bringing their books to him and eventually, although he did not go to school formally like other children, he was able to sit his ‘O’ Level exams and pass all six subjects. 

He met his wife and adopted her five children. Together this couple have developed a holistic programme to help and support their community. There is considerable opportunity for development and growth, and we are confident in this couple’s ability to expand the work they are doing with additional financial resource.

Zimbabwe’s recent history has made the development of social programmes extremely difficult and we are positive about this opportunity to help in this troubled land.

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