Children in Madagascar

This project was helped in its initial stages by financial support from Switzerland, which enabled a large house to be constructed, and then from France. The support from France has been provided for quite a few years but as numbers have grown within the home, the need for additional finance increased steadily and Shared Hope, when approached, responded to the need for further material help.

The home cares for almost 40 children including nine sets of twins and one little child whose mother died in childbirth.

The leader, assisted by her husband, was inspired some years ago to start this home in the face of the need to care for orphaned and abandoned children. She had a large heart for disadvantaged children and her leadership is clearly seen in the warm and loving atmosphere within the home and in the obvious care that the children show for each other, with the older children in their teens carefully supporting the younger children, some of whom are only babies.

A key factor in her vision to establish a children’s home was the culture in the south of the island which affirms that twins and babies whose birth has resulted in the loss of the mother are cursed and abandoned at birth. She established links with friends in the south who advised her of the birth of twins and of babies whose mothers did not survive. Half of the children in the home fall into the above two categories and would not be alive today were it not for this initiative.

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