pupils at school in Uganda

This is a varied project which embraces the following: 

a) A school of around 675 children which is both primary and secondary. The children are fed every day with food prepared on the site. 

b) A home for about 260 children is based at the school and remarkably in the context of the culture, there has not been one instance of pregnancy.

c) A community clinic. 

d) A farm of 5-6 acres where food is grown and some crops are sold to help finance the programme. Crops are harvested twice each year and the Foundations for Farming principles have been enthusiastically taken on board. This has resulted in a significant increase in effectiveness. The farm has 12 cows which provide milk for the school.

With the very large number of boarders and students this is a project that requires significant administrative discipline. This aspect of the programme is overseen by a skilled administrator who has a BA in Education Management.

group of children and adults
map of Uganda

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