Basic Ethos

The ethos of Shared Hope is a Christian ethos based on what Jesus Christ said was the second great commandment – 
”You shall love your neighbour as yourself”.

We will seek to express this timeless challenge in the following ways:

  1. By Expressing Mercy We will seek to meet the needs of individuals and groups of people who do not have the resources to meet their own needs. In particular we will seek to be catalysts in meeting their spiritual, social, medical, educational and economic needs.
  2. By Promoting Justice We will seek to promote social and economic justice in practical ways for the poor of the world.
  3. By Upholding Dignity We will seek to empower those who are poor by equipping them to become independent and self-sufficient.

Operational Mission Statement

Shared Hope will, where appropriate, work in partnership with two fellow Christian based charities, Bright Hope World and Starfish Asia. By partnership we mean, for example, that we will work together on projects researched by our partners, by either financing them through Shared Hope, or by securing finance for them and transferring this finance to our partners. We will seek to meet the needs of those in extreme poverty. We will attempt in all we do, wherever possible, to promote independence and sustainability. To this end we will work in partnership with likeminded trusts, key individuals on the ground and the leaders of local churches.