The New Ark Mission of India, also called Home of Hope, is an outstanding example of Christian compassion to the ‘destitute dying’. The mission rescues abandoned and often terminally ill people off the streets.  Even the police, who find such people and do not know what to do with them, regularly bring them to the project, knowing that no one will be turned away.  This is a holistic ministry that seeks to meet the many and varied personal and spiritual needs of those involved. Over the past 15 years or so the project has rescued many hundreds of people, a significant percentage of whom have died in peace and dignity in the care of the project. Over the last few years the number of people living in the project has significantly increased to the point where there are now around 500 adults and 60 children being cared for. The children’s refuge is a relatively new initiative. Each member of the community receives three meals per day and despite only a small amount of regular giving there has not been a day when all the people did not receive their meals. A key dimension of the vision of the project is to rehabilitate as many people as possible back into the mainstream of society and this is regularly happening.  

The project has received awards from the government for its contribution to the common good, but they provide no finance.  The project is run by donations from sympathetic supporters. Medical help is now available as part of the provision made by the project for the needs of the people.

The project has recently been able to construct larger premises

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