Person in Gatenga

SAID (Self Advocacy Institute for the Disabled) has discovered more than 460 people with disabilities living in the area of Gatenga in the Kicukiro district who are in extreme poverty and not supported financially. Out of these 250 have been registered; 65% have physical disabilities; 20% are mentally disabled while 15% have a combination of both types of disability. From these, 150 people have benefitted from the support of SAID:

Every year 100 are helped to get health insurance; 20 are trained in vocational skills; 10 women with disabilities have been given capital to start their own businesses; over 50 have been supported in counselling sessions and family therapy and finally two deaf people have been trained in IT.

All three leaders of this project suffered greatly during the genocide in 1994 losing family members but also suffering disabilities themselves. One had a leg amputated while another lost his sight. After doing some voluntary work they decided to start SAID to promote the rights and care of those with disabilities.

Person in Gatenga

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