people at Fundacion Totai Health Centre

Fundacion Totai is a Bolivian charity based in Trinidad-Beni.  It was set up in 2004 to meet the physical needs in the area.  Trinidad is a small city of around 100,000 people in the north east of the country.  The work of Totai involves several ministries: health, sports, education and community.  As well as the provision of general medical facilities, the clinic has a specific focus on hearing problems in young people.  A team have been trained to test the hearing of children and children have been tested throughout the region of Beni.

The project runs several football teams and netball teams who compete successfully in local leagues.  The youth work focuses on children from the poorest sections of society. In a particularly poor society where ordinary people cannot afford to pay for the medical facilities provided by the state, this project meets a real need.

Fundacion Totai Health Centre, Trinidad-Beni
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