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Bunia and the surrounding area was the focus of the worst of all the conflicts during the civil war. 5,400,000 people have died in that war since 1998. Since it was a regular war zone, there are thousands of widows, orphans and vulnerable children.

The Rehema programme (Rehema means compassion) selects needy orphans and vulnerable children to receive financial assistance for their education. There are now two arms to the project with around 45 children in the primary school (SHCON3A) and around 15 at secondary school (SHCON3B).

The financial assistance would embrace the provision of books and uniforms as well as school fees. There is also a dimension within the programme of guidance and counselling for each individual child.

There is real scope for expanding this programme in one of the neediest areas of the world.

The young couple, who lead these two projects, live together with their family in Bunia. They went to Kenya as refugees and returned to Congo in 2007. They divided their time over the next few years between Nairobi and Bunia.

They are totally committed to being part of the regeneration of their home area and were highly recommended by the leadership team they worked with in Nairobi while they were studying.

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