people at Bethany Trust, India

The project serves a population of around 30,000 people who live in remote mountain villages. 300 patients per week attend health clinics which are largely run in the villages. Medicines are provided by Bethany Hospital in Thane, all of which are free to patients. Three or four villages are visited each week and many villagers come for assessment and treatment.

Where patients are seriously ill, they are sent to the main Bethany Hospital in Thane with transport costs being paid for. 

A leper camp of 120 is run every month.

Another aspect of this work is the provision of financial help to replace roofs at the end of the rainy season and, on occasion, to replace livestock drowned in the wet season.

The work started in 1995 and there is no regular financial support linked to it. Some of the Shared Hope team became aware of this work through contact with Bethany Hospital in Thane and commenced providing financial support.

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