school children in India

This school in Jakhan caters for deprived children. There are around 70 children in five different classes There is also a special needs class of six children.  The children in this part of the project are significantly handicapped with one boy having one to one support. He loves the school and his parents are amazed at the progress he has made. The children come from a ghetto where education had no priority in the minds of the children’s parents but over the years this mind set has been slowly changed. The children themselves are very enthusiastic and the teachers are fully committed to their well-being. The school employs six teachers and one assistant. The children are sponsored for further studies when they outgrow the school. They go to another school close by and they will be the first generation from their families who have had a real education. This is an educational facility for children from a slum area.

The team who run this school have a real heart for the needs of those around them. North India is far less economically advanced than the south.  Although India is a fast-developing global economic power, many of the poorest people in the world live there.

For the last quarter of a century the team have given themselves to serving the needs of the people among whom they live.

school children in India
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