This clinic, which is a specialist centre linked with Bethany Christian Hospital, focuses on HIV/AIDS healthcare with most of the clients living in one of the large slum areas of Thane. It is heavily involved in education and training in both care and prevention. Much of the work is home based which embraces both provision of medicines and pastoral help for families whose members are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The clinic which, as detailed above, provides holistic care looks after several hundred patients.

India has allegedly the largest number of HIV/AIDS sufferers in the world and Lok Clinic does a superb job in helping to combat, as well as treating, this devastating disease. 

The key to successful treatment is strict adherence to the rules in taking medication. The target set by the clinic is to educate their clients to the point where 95% adherence to the correct handling of medication is achieved.

As well as treatment the service provided embraces counselling in camps and group meetings. 

Over the years Bethany Christian Hospital has grown and now has a capability of dealing with all medical conditions except cardiac care. They are presently building a facility to deal with heart disease.

The hospital treats over 60,000 patients per annum with those who can afford to pay subsidising those who cannot pay or are unable to pay the full cost. No-one is turned away for lack of finance.

Equipped to the highest standards and renowned for the quality of its care, Bethany Hospital is an example of practical compassion for those in real need. 

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