Room at Nijarat Rehabilitation Centre

The custom-built centre is a well-equipped building providing comfortable accommodation for the residents. There is residential accommodation for around 24 men and there are plans to offer help to ladies in the future. Around 100 men go through the programme each year with 40% of those completing the course which lasts for a minimum of three months. Half of the residents are alcohol dependent and half are addicted to drugs. There are 11 staff, seven of whom are full time. There is day counselling for ladies incorporated within the centre’s activity. The centre helps clients find jobs if they successfully complete the programme.

This is a holistic programme which is operated by committed professionals. There have been many remarkable transformations in the lives of those who successfully complete the programme. Clients come from all walks of life. Students from the local university are instructed here on drug addiction as are medical professionals and charity workers.  Clients are free to leave the programme at any time as opposed to being resident in locked and secure accommodation. This marks it out in its approach to tackling the challenge and problems of addiction. 

The team who run this facility have a real heart for the needs of those around them. North India is far less economically advanced than the south.  Although India is a fast-developing global economic power, many of the poorest people in the world live there.

For the last quarter of a century the team have given themselves to serving the needs of the people among whom they live.

Room at Nijarat Rehabilitation Centre
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