children at school in Madagascar

There are 160 children in the school, the youngest being three years old and the classes average around 20 children. The teachers are very poorly paid but share the vision of the head teacher and work extremely hard. To date they have worked without textbooks, with the teachers writing up the day’s lesson in the workbook of each child in their class. We hope to be able to help with the financing of textbooks and teachers’ salaries. Each child is provided with a simple meal at lunchtime. 

The results being achieved by the children are very encouraging and are a tribute to quality leadership and committed teachers.

In 2010 the lady who leads the project retired from her government job as a schoolteacher with a vision to do something for the children of the locality who found no place within the education system. Her husband is a builder and over the last eight years they have slowly constructed and developed this school adding an additional classroom on an annual basis. Their aim is to give an education to the children of the poorest families. At the time of enrolment, the means available to each child is assessed with only the poorest children being accepted. 

children at school in Madagascar
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