children at school in Pakistan

Akhtaraabad, a small rural town, is the centre point for several Christian villages.  The children come from eight surrounding villages and with two vehicles the head teacher runs a pick-up service to bring Christian village children to the school where more than 120 children study.  The school has secured the highest marks in the area for the government grade 5 examinations. Linked with the Akhtaraabad school is a smaller school, five kilometres away, in a village called Renala Khurd. There are 75 pupils in this school which is run on exactly the same lines as the main school with the same demanding standards for both pupils and teachers. The 20 teachers and ancillary staff come together for training several afternoons each week as well as Saturday mornings.

A high school will soon be functioning which will be an outstanding centre of education where the head teacher’s leadership skills and educational qualifications will provide the driving force in the pursuit of excellence.

The community focus of the school goes beyond simply education.  Such is the poverty in the area that the leadership team endeavour to look after the medical and nutritional needs of the children also.  A variety of after school clubs is also organised.

children at school in Pakistan
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