children at school in Kenya

Shared Hope’s main involvement with Shelter of Hope focuses on the school. There are around 250 children spanning the three pre-school classes and five primary classes up to Grade 5. There are twelve teachers in the school which follows the Kenya government syllabus. The school plans to add an extra class each year.

The children are provided with a simple meal each day. For many of these children this will be the key meal of the day.

This school is somewhere that children who live in the surrounding slum receive teachings in the basics.

After primary school many of the children then take the opportunity to go to government schools. The quality of the education and commitment of the teachers in many of these schools is not all that it should be which adds to the importance of the solid grounding provided by dedicated staff at Shelter of Hope. 

The director of the project is a very enthusiastic and innovative young man with a real heart for the poor in the community.  This multi-faceted project has been developing over the last few years. 

There is, linked with this project, a school in a rural area of Kenya where he grew up.

children at school in Kenya
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