children at school in Kenya

The school buildings form part of the campus where the Voice of Hope team carry on their work. The main school hall is also used as the church on Sundays and when required during the week. There are around 54 orphans who live on the campus and they form part of the school population. In total there are around 350 children with two pre-school classes and primary classes up to Grade 6. There are 18 teachers, 15 qualified plus 3 trainees. This is a rural area but there is a real desire to pursue excellence in the education of these children who come either from very poor backgrounds or who live in the child care home.

When the children reach secondary school age some of them go to the government secondary school which is not too far away and a few who show real academic ability are sent to boarding school. The number going to boarding school is limited by available finance but it is encouraging to see the vision of the leaders to empower capable youngsters from a very poor and rural environment to betterthemselves as a result of the education they have received.

children at school in Kenya
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