people at sewing centre in Kenya

Within the different activities of this varied project is a sewing centre. The programme lasts for a year and although it is mostly ladies who come to be trained, some men are involved in the training programme. There are two sewing teachers and one of them was the first orphan boy to be taken in by the couple who run this centre. On one of our visits the two members of our team who visited were measured up and given a shirt each the next morning. This was both a welcome gift but also evidence of the capacity and willingness of the teachers.

As is the case in most developing countries a sewing skill is something that can be used either in a commercial environment or in the home. This means that a lady, in particular, with her own sewing mchine can be available to look after her children but also work at the production of garments that help to generate finance to pay for meals for the family and education for the children.

woman at sewing centre in Kenya
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