medical and training centre, Pakistan

The floods which hit all areas of Pakistan a few years ago left 2.5 million people homeless. A construction company linked to the hospital in Multan built a significant number of homes in a rural area 50km from Multan with financial help from the UK. A local landowner gave land free of charge to enable a clinic to be built which the community had requested. The facility is now complete and was equipped by the Japanese government who do not provide any running costs.

Shared Hope is helping to finance the running costs of the community midwifery service, a ladies’ sewing centre, a literacy programme and basic midwifery training for the community in the surrounding villages. The clinic also provides filtered water free of charge for the local people. The clinic employs five full time staff and six ancillary staff at this stage. The work is steadily developing and it is hoped that two midwives and their families will move to the area to work there full time. Two houses have been built for this purpose.

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