school class in Pakistan

Less than 10% of the population in this poor community are literate and unemployment is very high. Most of the people are labourers or sweepers.

The school started with 57 children and is effectively run on the open roof of a house. There is a real demand from other families for their children to have access to the school but at the present time facilities do not permit this. It is hoped, however, that progress in this area will be made in due course.

Although the majority of the children are in the three pre-school classes, the rest of the children are being taught from primary 1 through to primary 7.

The challenges detailed above seem insurmountable in terms of being able to carry out an effective teaching programme, but they are not unusual in Pakistan and the hope is that the situation will develop in the future to provide reasonable facilities for the emerging generation to be given an opportunity their parents have not had.

school classes in Pakistan
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