pupils at school in Pakistan

This school began with virtually no facilities and each class sitting outside on the ground. Over the last two or three years, the landlord has built several rooms to accommodate the children and the conditions have generally radically improved. The school has grown steadily and now has 130 children and eight teachers. The quality of the education continues to progress year by year. 

As with most of the schools Shared Hope supports in Pakistan this school is situated in an extremely poor community. If the head teacher had not committed herself to start a school in this area there would have been no opportunity for schooling for any of the children. Her maturity and drive has resulted in a level of progress that, in the relatively short timescale since the school was established, is both surprising and encouraging.

The lady who runs this school has a BA and a BEd qualification, is a very focused and driven young lady who is putting all her energy into this project. Her father, who is a self-employed tradesman, also comes to help with the children when required and uses his vehicle to bring some of the children to school from surrounding villages. She has a real heart for the community where the School has been established.

pupils at school in Pakistan
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