adults and children in Zambia

There are over 30 deaf and vulnerable children connected to this project. The vision of Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation is to see the children grow so that they can live independent lives. This involves sending all the children to school so they can get an education. Some of the boys have finished school so there have been other programmes started to try to help them become sustainable. 

The young couple who lead this project also own 15 hectares of land in the rural outskirts of Kabwe that they want to use for the deaf to start farming. There have been some courses run with them in Foundations for Farming but as yet nothing has worked, mainly due to them not living out at the farm but having to travel there. They have a plan to build some houses there for the deaf boys to enable them to farm. They also have ideas for vocational training.

In 2010 the project leaders were challenged by the number of deaf children in the community where they live who were being dumped by their parents. They decided to adopt some of these children as their own because they had nowhere else to go. This extended family started off with just a few children but has grown to 18 deaf children and 16 other orphans that are being cared for, 34 in total.

adults and children in Zambia
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