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This project, run from Kitwe in Zambia, was started in 2005 by John and Becky Wright, a couple from England. When they returned home in 2008, the project was taken over by an indigenous couple since when it has continued to develop positively. The project is focused on helping disabled children and involves identifying needs, establishing support groups, helping with schooling, feeding, and medical needs as well as transport costs. 80 mothers come to the 11 support groups although the team have contact with around 400 mothers. To be a disabled child in the developing world is to be in a truly vulnerable situation.  The young couple who lead the project are doing an excellent job with limited resources. They receive financial support from the Bethany Children’s Trust, a UK charity, as well as from Shared Hope. Their financial needs are steadily growing as the number of children they reach increases.

As mentioned above, there is much prejudice surrounding physical disability in many parts of Africa and apart from the help being given specifically to the children’s needs, the help given to mothers through the support groups is invaluable.

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